Y.A. Jameel Scientific Chair of Prophetic Medical Applications

Chair objectives

· Participate in developing the foundations and scientific rules to practice Prophetic medicine.

· Benefit from the guidance of the Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Sunnah in preventive medicine.

· Contribute to identifying drugs and new medical preparations that are safer and more effective based upon laboratory and clinical practices (GCP & GLP).

Reduce individual citizen and government economic expenditure by creating preventive methods and treatments within affordable cost range.

· Contribute to global research utilizing the resources from Quran & Sunnah within the scope of modern scientific technology.

· Manufacturing and marketing of new medicinal drugs and supplies.

· Identify similarities between what Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has taught us about varied applied sciences and what has been proven by contemporary scientific research centers. 

· Setting of standards for natural remedies as no scientific coding or jurisprudence in the Prophetic Medicine.

· Spreading of Prophetic Medicine treatments in view of the Muslim’s trust in the word of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which places a great responsibility on the research centers.

· Keeping pace with the global trend of returning to nature for nutrition and treatment following the increase of chronic and incurable diseases.


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Last Update 8/14/2012 5:45:35 AM