Y.A. Jameel Scientific Chair of Prophetic Medical Applications


Chair, Center of Excellence in Research of Prophetic Medicine Application

Faculty of Medicine, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Praise be to Allah, and prayers and blessings upon His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

This Chair was established June 2012 with the support of Sheik Yousef Abdultif Jameel for 6 years, since this Chair establishment under the full support of King Abdulaziz University has been achieving great success.

The Chair have established a research unit with scientific foundations, International and local partnerships, and involved more than 70 researchers with the aim of improving the Health well-being of mankind. We have become one of the most important research center encompassing several fields including: therapeutic nutrition, Cupping Therapy, immunology, and improve quality of life with evidence based research in chronic diseases such as cancer.

Over the 6 years we have been published more than 200 papers in an internationally refereed journal and eight (8) US registered patents were awarded. Furthermore, scientists from the chair have presented their works in both national and international conferences. The Chair received many local and International Awards in Research and for community service.

The Chair had organized three International conferences on the Quality& evidence based of Prophetic Medicine in the years 2013 at Medina Al Munawarah, 2016 Jeddah at King Abdulaziz University, and 2018 at Lotus Holistic Abu Dhabi UAE.

Abiding by the message of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), Yousef Abdulatif Jameel Chair for Prophetic Medicine placed community services at the center of its goals.

We have participated in community services to raise and improve awareness in various health issues in the medical field spanning methods of prevention of chronic diseases. Moreover, the chair has also established clinics to provide a pilot and clinical studies approaches as holistic comprehensive & integrative , not only to conduct research, but to provide non-for-profit therapeutic such as the services available at the Cupping Therapy Clinics we treated 3337 patients , all of which were referred by King Abdulaziz University Hospital specialized clinics.

2014, the chair for Prophetic Medicine initiated a permanent exhibition center in the Faculty of Medicine at King Abdulaziz University, and a mobile one presented in conferences showcasing our latest research findings. Such exhibitions have been attended by large numbers of students from local and foreign schools, healthcare providers and conference participants. Subsequently, it is the aim of the Chair for Prophetic Medicine, and in line with Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030, to establish the Museum of Prophetic Medicine at King Abdulaziz University to serve the community and visitors of the kingdom.

December 7–9, 2019 organized with our partner Lotus Holistic Institute the conference and the First Prize of Sheikh Zayed International Award in Complementary Medicine at Abu Dhabi, UAE.

April 4-5, 2020 will have the 4th International Conference on Quality and Evidence Based in Prophetic Medicine at Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Looking forward for your participation.


Prof. Soad Khalil Al Jaouni, MD, FRCPC

Director and CEO of Chair, Center of Excellence in Research of Prophetic Medicine

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